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fiction / 34 min / 2021

Full of tenderness and quiet gestures, JACKFRUIT tells the story of a gender-fluid person who stands between two worlds – the Vietnamese diaspora and the queer Berlin.


documentary / 12 min / 2018

The tender relationship unfolds between an elderly Vietnamese grandmother and her granddaughter, who was born and brought up in Germany. While they spend a day at grandmothers apartment in Berlin-Reinickendorf, they begin to share small discoveries of everyday life and larger, existential questions.


Thuy Trang Nguyen

Thuy Trang Nguyen was born to Vietnamese parents in Berlin, Germany in 1993. After graduating high school she became Co-founder of the non-profit organization BERLIN ASIAN FILM NETWORK. Before attending filmschool in 2017 at internationale filmschule köln, she took a theoretical approach to audiovisual arts and studied film theory at Freie Universität Berlin. She worked as assistant director, sound engineer and editor for fictional and non-fictional features, gaining work experiences in England, Germany and Vietnam.  Aiming to raise awareness of under- and misrepresentation of the Asian Diaspora in the German media, she started to work as a Dialogue Coach and Caster/ Streetcaster for actors and actresses of Asian descent. As a director at internationale filmschule köln, her films revolve around family and identity, queerness and crossing borders. ROAN is the first part of a trilogy about the Vietnamese Diaspora in Germany. JACKFRUIT continues the deconstruction of the colonial gaze. 



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